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Got Kids? Promote Safety with These Home Childproofing Tips

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The home is where the heart is, but it’s also the place where numerous potential dangers lurk if small children are around. Take time and go through each room, identifying risky possessions and making plans for adjustments to prevent accidents.

Kitchens: The Home’s Most Dangerous Room

Sharp objects, appliances, cabinets and drawers filled with chemicals and dishes, and don’t forget about those snacks and foods that can pose as choking hazards.

It’s best to start with lower cabinets, removing any harmful chemicals, sharp items and fragile dish ware. Fill the space with safer items while moving ‘no-no’ goods in higher cabinets.

Be sure countertop appliances (toasters, coffee makers, etc.) are pushed closely to the backsplash wall, and avoid leaving cords hanging that make them temptingly easy to pull them off.

Even with precautions in place, adding child safety locks to the doors of cabinets refrigerators and ranges provides additional peace of mind.

Childproofing the Living Room

Plenty of hidden dangers are right in your face in the family room. That couch begs kids to jump on it (according to their stories!) which can lead to falling onto coffee and end tables.

If yours are glass or have sharp corners, get some cushioning pads for corners or the entire surface. Heavy books, knickknacks and fragile ceramics might be removed entirely.

Consider placing these and any other hazards into a cheap storage facility until this phase of youth has passed.

Bathroom and Bedroom Toddler Safety

Childproofing the bathroom entails removing or locking down any accessible medicines, cleaners and cosmetics. Secure access to large furniture that could tip and fall and adding locks to large storage drawer chests is also advisable.

Be careful not to leave step stools where youngsters can get to them in efforts to climb atop counters and furniture, which can lead to injury.

Again, take anything from the home—and especially the garage—and put them in a cheap storage unit until your kids are older.

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