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Four Different Plumbing Issues for Homeowners

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Living with plumbing problems means watching your money go down the drain. While some troubles can be fixed with a trusty home repair kit and an in-depth tutorial, other complications may need the help of a professional. Look out for these four common plumbing issues in your home:

Four Common Plumbing Issues

Dripping faucet

More than becoming the annoying soundtrack to your home, a dripping faucet can be wasteful and expensive. This problem may be caused by a stiff, broken, or loose washer, which is an easy DIY fix. But in some cases, a bigger problem stemming from corrosion or improper installation requires a professional.

Clogged Drain

If only one drain is affected, the culprit of this problem could be loose hair or soap, food or grease, or other foreign objects. However, clogging in multiple drains typically indicates more complicated issues, like blockages in the sewer line.

Broken Water Heater

No one usually opts for a cold shower, but it can become your reality with a faulty water heater. A lack of hot water can be attributed to several possibilities, many of which call for a professional plumber: an unlit pilot light (can be easily relit), sediment build-up, a broken thermostat, electrical issues, or improper installation.

Reduced Water Pressure

Low water pressure makes it hard to wash your hands let alone your body. The disruption to your water stream can result from a low setting on your water tank or something as serious as leakage, corrosion or build-up in the pipes.

While you may think you can live with these common plumbing problems, they can wreak havoc on your entire plumbing system over time. Getting your plumbing checked by a professional and scheduling routine maintenance can keep your home running properly.

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