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Five things to do to succeed as a Financial Advisor

by Donny Stock

assion is required to succeed in any field. If you are not passionate about your work and profession, you’re not going to be a successful man/woman. Similarly, being a passionate financial advisor opens the door for numerous opportunities. A dedicated person tries to learn daily. And an excellent financial advisor should be passionate and updated regarding the economy and the industry. This is the crucial difference between a successful and a normal financial advisor.

Many financial advisors have become successful because of their passion for the work; one such renowned financial advisor is Dwayne Rettinger. Dwayne Rettinger is a Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP) providing financial advice and planning to clients at Rettinger & Associates Private Wealth Management a part of IG Wealth Management. There are other things that a person should do or should possess to be a successful financial advisor; some of them are:

Educating the client:

Sometimes just offering the best advice is not the solution for the success of a financial plan. The client needs to be educated so that suitable and appropriate decisions can be made. A financial advisor should mitigate the client’s cognitive and emotional biases. A successful economic life of a client leads to the success of the client’s financial advisor.

In-depth analysis:

A financial plan is not just about a single step process; it involves thorough analysis at different stages and areas. The financial advisor needs to look at all the financial planning; some of the critical areas are short term requirements, retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning, and all the investment management required at the different areas. Thus, a financial advisor should have an in-depth analysis ability across all the areas.

Risk and Return relationship:

The pillar of financial planning is the risk-return payoff. The financial advisor needs to know the return requirement of the client, given their risk-bearing capability. The best efficient frontier is chosen based on this. One cannot choose the highest return as per the client’s requirement; the advisor needs to be practical and look at the client’s willingness and ability to bear the risk for the optimal portfolio construction.


A financial advisor should have the ability to grab the short term arbitrage. The advisor must reallocate the assets as per the time and goal requirement. He should tactically reallocate the assets to grasp the short term profit by following the constraints of the Investment Policy Statement. An advisor should be good at tactical asset allocation across different sectors.

Alignment of Interest:

A successful financial advisor should keep their client’s interest first and their interest second. A healthy client relationship should be maintained to gain success. A financial advisor should be ethical while managing the client’s money. And if any conflict of interest arises, then that must be disclosed by the advisor to the client.

A financial advisor should be ethical and dedicated to becoming successful. No one can get success without hard work. Many ups and downs come in the path of success, but one needs to learn from the failure and stand firm to be victorious.

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