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Excellent stress relief online yoga classes on Glo

by Clare Louise

In today’s busy and fast-moving world, most people feel burn out and stress from time to time. Failure to manage stress can lead to adverse effects on your health and other aspects of your life. It is, therefore, fundamental to find ways to stay calm and unwind after a long day at work or even after a long journey. However, make sure to avoid distractive ways of dealing with stress, such as alcohol and drugs. Yoga is widely known to help to restore your energy levels and alleviate stress.

Benefits of Yoga to the Body

Practicing Yoga regularly greatly benefits you physically, emotionally, and mentally. People have varying reasons for taking up Yoga, so it is essential to choose classes and styles based on your goals. Online Yoga notably offers the flexibility you require to master different postures and advance your skills in a comfortable environment.

Yoga strengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility, leads to a reduction of weight, protects you from injury, and improves your circulatory and cardio health. It also helps you to develop calmness, and mental clarity relaxes your mind and relieves both periodical and continuous stress cycles.

Glo Stress Reduction Yoga Classes

Once you sign up for Glo, you can enjoy a convenient, beneficial, affordable, and comprehensive online yoga. You get access to experienced teachers and a community of people you can form lasting relationships with and also share ideas.

The platform offers classes tailored to meet specific goals, such as stress reduction, build your strength, start your day, and improve your sleep. Some of the online yoga courses designed for stress relief include:


The 20 minutes online yoga class helps you to tackle your stress with clarity and ideal if you need to take some time to unplug, breathe, and reconfigure. It is best for yogis in level 1and 2, so join this vinyasa flow based course and begin moving through gentle standing twist flows coupled affirmation and long sighs.

Luminous Movement

Feel your body and mind illuminate and experience yourself regain your energy in this 20 minutes class that is ideal for level 1-2. The course focuses on the Vinyasa Flow style. It is a brisk practice that will help grow your lightness and steadiness and make you feel radiant.

You will take part in warrior flows, twisted lunges, and sun salutations, which all culminate in a prasarita padottanasana but with a twist. The focus of this class is to balance your energy, stretch and release, calmness, and gain strength.

Calm in the Center

It is a class tailored for level 1 that focuses on stretches and release, the basics of Yoga, and calmness. The slow flows of the course help you establish the capacity to remain calm during different transitions.

Moving through warrior II and sun salutations, then easing into easy twists, pigeon, and child’s pose leads to the development of neutrality and finding awareness to your calm center. The Hatha based class lasts for 15 minutes.

Quick Stress Reboot

The course aims to help you relieve stress by using the Chinese theory of Medicine to neutralize stress by sustaining the kidneys and water element. The class incorporates poses directed to particular meridians and long holds to ease tension and stress. It also involves specific breathing exercises and techniques to magnify the relaxation effects.

It is an excellent online yoga when you need to recharge, shake off something off your system, and relax. You will need a towel, blanket, and block for the course. The class lasts for 30 minutes and suitable for both level one and two yogis.

Online Yoga offers practical ways to achieve peace of mind and body at any time and place.

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