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Engaging games at Gamezy

by Donny Stock

Wondering how to spend time when you are cooped up in your house? Look at the games Gamezy offers! Put in the details at the Gamezy website and download the app on your phone. The games will not only freshen up your mind but make your day infinitely better. Making time to pursue your hobbies is important to engage your brain and keep your mind active. The fun-filled games at Gamezy are sure to entertain you and challenge you at the same time.  

Games for your amusement  

There may be several ways to keep yourself busy. But nothing is as fun as the games on Gamezy! There are all kinds of games for every person. For the person who keeps predicting the outcome of the match and performance of every player, there is Fantasy Cricket! You can now say “I told you so” to your friends and earn cash while you are at it. You can pick players and form your team before matches and when those players perform you get real cash prizes! 

Are you a fan of card games? Say no more! Gamezy has the best of card games to scratch that itch. Poker and rummy along with their variations are available for players on Gamezy. Become unstoppable with the constant games and tournaments that keep happening on Gamezy! The rules of rummy are simple and if you are not familiar with them, you can always seek help on the app. 

The quiz is the perfect game for the know-it-all friend. What can be better than earning money through your hobby? Answer the questions thrown at you from the topic of your choice! Now the person who claims to know everything about cricket can prove it and win cash. 

One of the games brings back memories of childhood and sultry vacation days. This game was a hit in most households because it allowed children to enjoy a game in one place. It is carrom of course! The battle of friends and cousins was fought on this field with black and white soldiers (with the purple queen, of course!). This game was the reason the boring evenings got much more enjoyable and competitive. 

 The adventure seeker in you can find the perfect fix while playing Run Boy Run. This game has danger, needs quick reflexes, and concentration. So does the epic game of Fruit Dart. Chop your way to victory with this colourful and fun game. 

Play with Gamezy for more fun

Many people are skeptical regarding online rummy game or online carrom or 8 ball pool as well. Gamezy has taken into account every detail of the actual game and provides the perfect experience. You can control the angle as well as the strength while playing carrom and 8 ball pool. The rules are the same for everyone and they don’t change for anyone. You can even play cricket like a pro and win cash like a pro too! You can adjust the angle of the bat and you are given an analysis after every ball to better your game. You can play the trial version till you get the hang of it!

Win real cash prizes at Gamezy

Gamezy has India’s Best Fantasy Referral Program. You can refer a friend and earn up to 5,000 rupees. Download Gamezy now and get started!

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