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Email marketing funnel for maximum conversions 

by Gerua Senia

Any digital marketer you talk to about their email marketing goals will tell you the same thing: they want to grow their audience list and turn subscribers into loyal customers.  

You could try asking a person you know who works in email marketing.  

To be fair, the majority of the advice out there focuses on building an email list and cultivating brand advocates rather than on getting those people to buy your product or service directly.  

The reality of the situation is that this objective is a major contributor to the issue. You, as a digital marketer, have complete command over the actions you take to sway the opinions of your clients, but you have no influence over the decisions made by the leads you generate.  

Many of your options are within your reach: hiring employees internally or advertising on social media or Google Display Network, or investing in R&D.  

Email marketing continues to be the most influential digital marketing strategy for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business (B2C and B2B) companies, despite the fact that the other strategies mentioned here are also effective.  

More than seventy percent of marketers claim that email marketing has increased their conversion rates, and by FY21, it was expected that over three hundred billion emails will be sent daily around the world.. 

Email marketing has also proven to be the most dependable method of influencing leads at all stages of the buyer’s journey.  

Even if you use email marketing to move leads to the next step, the rest of your buyer’s journey may not happen if you don’t have a strategy in place. 

Exactly at this point is where a marketing funnel for email comes into play. 

Pro tip – How to get emails for free? 

You can’t have a successful email marketing campaign without a well-maintained email list to send your messages to. You will only be able to achieve the results you want if you send the email to actual email addresses.  

If you don’t know how to get emails for free, use email lookup tools like GetEmail.io. This tool is extremely useful for locating accurate email addresses of prospects. 

Email marketing funnel – What is it? 

A solid understanding of email marketing funnels is essential before you begin creating your own. 

Sending out informative and promotional emails to subscribers over time turns them from prospects to customers, and an email funnel represents this process. 

You, as marketers, need to be able to anticipate the needs of your subscribers so that you can send an email at the appropriate time to elicit some sort of action from the recipient. 

Email funnels show the four stages of the customer lifecycle, which are Engagement, Discovery, Purchase, and Retention. 

Despite the fact that many businesses do not place a lead at every stage, it is important to know what your subscriber can do with your brand.  

However, the ultimate objective is to keep them progressing through your sales funnel and converting along the way so that they eventually become repeat customers. 

Why do you need an email marketing funnel? 

Traditional marketing tactics no longer fool subscribers, and salesy advertising strategies turn them off.  

In an email marketing funnel, marketers can deliver communications at precisely the right time to each subscriber, ensuring that each email is tailored to their needs.  

This way, your email subscribers will feel more connected to your brand. 

Concluding thoughts 

With email marketing funnels, your lead is treated as an individual rather than a nameless entry in a list. 

This enables you to determine where they are in the buyer’s journey and communicate with them effectively using content that is highly relevant to their situation. 


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