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Different Ways in Which Industries Use Vacuum Ovens

by Paul Petersen

The vacuum drying oven is a special piece of equipment which finds its uses in almost every industry. The industries like medical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, biology and agriculture find these ovens most beneficial. The main task of the oven is to bake, dry or disinfect multiple products at ideal vacuum conditions. With this oven, gases, moisture or other potential chemicals can be removed, and unwanted reactions can be prevented. The oven can be used in the final step of drying, which reduces the chances of unwanted oxidation and improves the safety of the facility. 

What are the features of the oven?

This oven is much more common than ovens that can heat things in vacuumed chambers. The chief mechanism of the chamber ensures that the boiling point and pressure of the majority of the substances are lowered. With this, it becomes easy to evaporate all the unnecessary substances without burning them. Here are some of the top features of these ovens:

  • The oven has an attached cooling system
  • Other features include alarms, recorders, timers, long-in options
  • It also has multiple racks, shelves and carts
  • The oven is built in a way to make it explosion-proof

The benefits of using the oven

Not just the features are lucrative, but there are numerous benefits of using the ovens in your industry.

  • They provide a perfectly vacuum-sealed environment where the oven can dramatically reduce the boiling point of the substances inside it. This can be used with substances which are sensitive to heat. 
  • Multiple complicated parts as well as porous samples can be perfectly cleaned with the help of the vacuum oven. The drying features of the oven are the best in technology. 
  • Usually granular or powder substances take a lot of time to get dried. In such cases, using a vacuum oven will be beneficial as it can lower the drying time. 
  • If the situation is made inert or vacuumed, using these ovens will completely eliminate the possibility of thermal explosions. This is not a guarantee in normal reaction environments. 
  • When the powdered substances are dried inside the oven, there is no risk of the powder getting blown away. However, this risk exists in the traditional air-blown systems. Also, the ovens are highly durable with the least contact with outside air. 

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