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Dental Mistakes That Most of The People Usually Make

by Donny Stock

Today, more and more people are concerned about their oral health. This is in stark contradiction from the scenario of the olden days when nobody genuinely used to care about oral hygiene. With the increasing knowledge of people and the progression of science, we have come to know that oral hygiene is also related to other health issues.

One who has bad oral health is more likely to suffer from other ailments and the immunity of that person is sure to below. It has also been documented in many studies that oral health has a lot of bearing on the cardiovascular health of the individual. In such a case, it becomes imperative that you take good care of your oral health.

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Common noobie mistakes

It is very common to make some mistakes especially if this is the first time that you are attending a dental care routine by a dentist. here is a list of the most common mistakes which are common yet deleterious for your oral health:

1-    Spending inadequate time on brushing- in the opinion of dental experts, it takes at least 2 minutes for the food, plaque and other bacteria, which live on the surface of your teeth to be removed. If you choose to spend less than two minutes on brushing, then you are essentially allowing the food particles to stay stuck in your teeth.

These stuck particles of food serve as the flourishing site for bacteria and germs, which in turn aggravate the dental issues.

2-    Brushing instantly after eating- while you eat and for some time after it, the enamel layer of our teeth becomes soft. If you choose to brush your teeth instantly after having food, then your enamel will be damaged. This can cause teeth-related issues in the long run.

Ideally, you must wait for at least 30 – 60 minutes after having food before you start to brush your teeth.

3-    Storing toothbrushes incorrectly- your toothbrush enters your mouth daily. In such a case, you must ensure that it is clean and does not become the taxi for germs to enter your mouth. It is better to store the toothbrush in the right manner to prevent any further damage to the teeth. Storing your brush in places such as a drawer will lead to damage to the teeth.

Instead, you must store the brush in an upright location so that it dries thoroughly and no bacteria growth is enhanced.

4-    Using the same brush for a long time- brushes, just like all other things, have a shelf life at the expiry of which, they become obsolete. An old brush is more or less impotent against bacteria and plague. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush or at least the head of the toothbrush every three months.

5-    Brushing too hard- just like not brushing leads to teeth damage, brushing too hard too ensues damage to the teeth’ health. You must be gentle while brushing so that no damage is caused to the teeth. Any extra pressure on the teeth while brushing is useless and bad for the overall health.

6-    Brushing less frequently- all the dentists around the world recommend brushing at least twice a day. The reason is that overnight, bacteria can grow in your teeth. If you do not remove these bacteria first thing in the morning, then in the entire day, the bacteria will continue to exert their negative impact on the teeth.

The same logic applies to brushing in the evening. Before you go to bed, you must get rid of all the bacteria and plaque.

7-    Using the wrong toothbrush- choosing the right type of toothbrush is extremely important because it is the primary tool for maintaining oral health and hygiene. If you choose a toothbrush for the hair which are too hard, then it is more likely to cause damage to the gum and enamel of the teeth.


Oral hygiene is a sensitive issue that must be addressed. If you feel that there is something wrong with your teeth, you must rush to the best dentist without a delay lest the issue may aggrandize.

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