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Confused with numerous gaming monitors? Follow these 5 pointers!

by Paul Petersen

Love gaming? Instead of playing at your friend’s place, how about having your own setup at home? Among the necessary components is a gaming monitor. There are all kinds of gaming monitors in the market, with different features, specifications, and it all depends on what you can afford. With a budget of $500 or less, you can afford something as good as PrimeCables 4k gaming monitor, while some of the advanced models can cost way over $1,000. For starters, an expensive model may not make immediate sense, but if you are buying a gaming monitor, you need to look at these 5 aspects.

  1. Panel technology. Twisted Nematic, or TN, panels are great for competitive gaming, but don’t expect the best of contrast or colors. In comparison, in-plane switching (IPS) panels perform better and offer incredible color reproduction.
  2. Refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number of times the monitor refreshes the display image, per second. If you don’t want to get into the technical details, just know that higher refresh rates are better. At the least, you need a refresh rate of 60Hz for gaming monitors.
  3. Response rate. This may matter more for avid gamers, but the response time should be as low as possible. Look for something around 5ms at the least for gaming needs, while monitors with 1ms response time are also available.
  4. Display resolution. Gone are times when full-HD was considered more than enough. Today, gamers wouldn’t settle for anything less than 4K resolution. Contrary to what some buyers believe, a 4K gaming monitor doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  5. Screen size. For gaming, you don’t need an extra-large screen. In fact, go for 4K screen with screen size of 27-inch or less. In fact, most players prefer a screen size between 24-inch and 27-inch. This just ensures that they can look at the entire screen, without missing any detail.

Get your gaming monitor online

If you really want the best deals and more options on gaming monitors, online stores are likely to be your best bet. Keep in mind that gaming monitors can be expensive, but you don’t have a good graphics card or GPU, these over-the-top features many not mean anything at all. If you had to choose just three aspects for selecting a gaming monitor, focus on the resolution, screen size, and refresh rate. Review all options before placing an order, and do check product warranty.



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