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Child Custody Evaluation

by Gerua Senia

If you are going through a divorce, chances are, you have already thought about your options, post the process. One needs to think way in advance when it comes to divorce since it comes with numerous issues that you have to address. The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced divorce attorney, who will help with certain delicate issues like spousal support or child custody. Child custody is an issue most commonly faced by couples who are parents wanting to get divorced. In such cases, the involvement of an attorney can save you a lot of trouble. 

  • What is a child custody evaluation?

A child custody evaluation is simply a report, which is put together by a custody evaluator, stating which parent must get custody of the child. These evaluations are deemed to be pivotal as they determine and influence the order of the court. Therefore, you need to consult your attorney while hiring an evaluator. An experienced divorce attorney knows who is well-suited for your needs. In the child custody evaluation process, the evaluator usually schedules meetings with you and your child together and separately to determine your relationship with the child. A custody evaluator gets to the bottom of the case and determines what kind of arrangement would be in the child’s best interest. The evaluation is thus a crucial part of the divorce proceedings.

  • The process of child custody evaluation

Evaluators may use different kinds of testing for the evaluation. Some may use psychological testing for both parents and the children, some may do the testing themselves, while some may even recommend you to another professional for testing. The child custody evaluation can be a long-drawn process as the evaluators dig deep into the case and interview not just the children and their parents, but several relatives and friends of the couple. And once the evaluation is complete, the evaluator then recommends to the court what arrangement would be the best. 

  • How to choose the evaluator?

The judge may assign a specific custody evaluator to you and your spouse, or you can pick one for yourself. Since it is quite a responsible job, we suggest you consult your lawyer as these evaluations have quite an impact on the court orders. Custody lawyer Andrew Heft is well-known for his pivotal and influential child custody evaluations that largely influence the order of the court.

Divorce is not an easy process. You need to be emotionally and financially prepared in order to get past it. So hiring an experienced divorce attorney is a must. 

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