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Building A Community Playground? Here are 7 Handy Planning Tips

by Donny Stock

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Every community needs a space dedicated specifically for children. In most cases, that space is a playground.

You might assume that building a community playground is easy and is simply a matter of having space and getting the necessary equipment from playground equipment companies. But that isn’t the case; building a community playground entails a lot of planning. After all, not only do you have to make sure the space is perfect for the children of your community, you also need to make sure the space is safe and appropriate. Here are some tips.

Consider the location very thoroughly

The location of your playground is one of the most important parts of your playground plans. This will dictate what you will get from the playground equipment companies, for instance, and what design and themes you can do in the space. When considering the location, consider the following: the topography, the area’s land, and soil, its accessibility to everyone in the community, and possible liabilities.

Assess your budget

After locking the location, consider your costs. How much can you afford to spend? This will determine how much you can do and the equipment you can buy, for instance.

Who will use the playground?

When building a community playground, it is important to know from the start of the age-appropriateness of the space you are creating. You can make the playground right for children of varying ages, so make sure the equipment you will get can address this. You will need, for example, multiple slides of different slides and climber options for varying height. Talk to your playground equipment companies to make sure you will have everything you need.


Are you going to use the space’s natural surfacing, or do you plan to install children-friendly surfacing such as rubber or clay matting (among other options) so the children using the space will be safe. Talk to your equipment supplier to know which works best in the space you will use.

Consider inclusivity and accessibility

Also take note to address the needs of your entire community—this means meeting the needs of all the children who will use the playground. For instance: make sure you have ground activities and elevated activities of a good ration in your playground so the space won’t alienate children with limited physical capabilities. Consider safety as well.

Get complimentary items

Besides the usual playground amenities, make sure you get complimentary items as well to further maximize the usefulness of the space you are building. Get for-all-ages benches (parents will watch over kids playing, after all), shade, pathways, and other items. Many playground equipment companies should be able to provide these; plan properly to know which specific ones you will need.


Check with playground equipment companies if there are other processes needed for the installation of the items you bought for the space. Will you need to dig and break ground? Will the equipment arrive pre-installed or will they require assembly. This will determine the amount of work you will need to do for the construction of the space.

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