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Best Real Estate Company to Work For in Los Angeles

by Gerua Senia

When transitioning to a new career, people often have lofty ideas about where they want to work. Programmers want to work for Google or one of the other top brands. Real estate should be no different. There are top companies, and working for them comes with big advantages. If you’re aiming for the top, you need to know who the best is. We’ll get to a name before we’re done, but let’s start by looking at what makes the best stand above everyone else.

Opportunities to Learn

The traits that make the best real estate companies are a bit universal. Chief among them is an opportunity to learn. Great companies have training and coaching programs. They will teach you tools of the trade. More importantly, they will adapt the training and coaching to each individual. A seasoned, successful real estate agent will work with you on specific areas of growth to help you reach your potential.

Coaching and training reach their pinnacle with mentoring programs. Such programs are common among the successful tech giants of the world, and great real estate companies have learned from that success. A mentor will foster new agents into veteran agents who can land great listings and satisfy their clients.


Another important aspect of career growth is setting and keeping goals. It’s the quintessential method of taking progressive steps forward. The issue is that every human being in the world needs external accountability support. Even the greatest athletes in history had coaches to help with accountability.

Top companies will encourage you to set goals, and then they will devote resources to helping you achieve those goals. They build you up for success, and they fill in the gaps that you will inevitably leave open at points. It’s about a collaborative effort to sell real estate and make people happy.

Naming the Best Company

If you wanted a name for the very best real estate company in L.A., that’s not an easy thing to provide. There is no solitary, objective measure to use here. Depending on the parameters, different companies will rise to the top. You can trust that any top-rated company is going to invest in the success of its agents. But, to give you a name and a starting point, we can look at the top company in terms of reviews. Using Yelp and a number of other review resources, the current best real estate company is The Collective, Realty. Their clients love them and regularly refer them. That alone says a lot, and you can trust that getting to the top of all real estate companies in L.A. was no easy feat.

That doesn’t mean that The Collective, Realty is the perfect company for every real estate agent. You want a company culture that fits you, but knowing where the top is can help you with your goals and expectations.

Of course, there’s no point in hunting down top companies unless you can get your real estate license. For that, you’ll want a Los Angeles real estate school. When you get your credentials, you can find a great company that is excited to invest in you.

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