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Architectural Advances That Data Centres Can Expect

by Gerua Senia

In today’s world, data is the most valued aspect of our lives. It is also growing at an exponential rate since the dawn of modern technology. Statistics says that around 2.4 Quintilian bytes of data is been generated each day around the world. At this stage, even the bigger companies are turning to online data backups in cloud storage.
In the past two decades, the increase of data has paved the demand for building more and more data centres. Data centres went from being a room in a building to be the size of commercial towers and big giant buildings just to accommodate the increase of data storage.
This has helped in many ways as one of the major components for IT infrastructures is their data centres. This has helped many new technologies, facilities, and services to grow. These efficient ways which were premium and rare before are now standard rules to have in modern data centres. Data centres can now be scaled up in infrastructures as many data centres are built in shipping containers for extra storage facilities without the hassle of building one.

Data centres of the future
There are many architectural advances that modern data centres can expect from the advancement of technology.

  1. Software-defined data centres or SDDC are completely automated and virtualized, making them flexible, efficient and reliable. All the components in SDDC such as the data, storage, security and networking are virtualized.
  1. Hyper-converged data centres provide efficient enhanced performance and better backup facilities. As every element of the data centre such as compute, storage, and network are all in one single box; it provides better disaster recovery without the complexity of a typical data centre.
  1. Robotics and automation can also be a big part of data centres as they can easily replace engineers with repetitive and monotonous works. This hugely helps to shift the human resources to more important tasks. Robots measuring and controlling the temperature around data centres can also help in lowering the chances of fire outages.

The future of data centres is smart and modern. With converged infrastructures, software-defined management, and automated machines to keep your data safe, modern data centres are still just emerging technology. As more and more companies realize the functionality of these modern architectural advances, data centres will just grow higher and greener. To know more about these advances trust the Stendel Reich data centre architecture projects.

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