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8 Herbs to Answer Your Anxiety

by Gerua Senia

So, would you say you have anxiety or are you just a little stressed? In reality, it’s all the same feeling. When we want to make light of our tension, we call it stress. Why? The word stress sounds like a problematic but controllable situation. Often, however, it isn’t until we’re honest about the toll our feelings take on our body that we admit we have anxiety.

And while the pharmaceutical approach of western medicine can work, it’s often at the expense of unwelcome side effects. Sadly, others make the choice not to treat anxiety at all.  As a result, they end up overindulging in food or alcohol.

Thankfully, instead of drugs and other, less healthy options, traditional Eastern medicine offers several herbal extracts to bring much-needed relief. They all work a little bit differently. Some lower the feelings of anxiety itself by boosting serotonin levels, and others treat its negative consequences like the loss of sleep. The following are several herbal options to consider.


Try These 8 Alternatives to Ease Your Anxiety

  1. Mulberry Root extract. An extract from white mulberries, mulberry root, can provide multiple benefits to fight anxiety symptoms, including lowering blood pressure and reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol. It also can help balance the body’s blood sugar levels and, as a result, improve mood.
  2. Saussurea is a flower with the capability of reducing muscle twitches or spasms related to stress. It also can lower levels of cortisol, allowing you to feel less of anxiety’s fight-or-flight feeling.
  3. Astragalus Root is an herb known to give the body both energy and the ability to resist stressors. It can also help regulate mood, and help you relax, which can, in turn, promote better sleep. What anxiety sufferer doesn’t want better sleep?
  4. Dandelion Root is known to boost metabolism and help with unpleasant emotions like fear and anger. Users have also cited improvement in several anxiety-related symptoms, namely: hypertension, insomnia, nervousness, and fatigue.
  5. Ginger. This herb is well-known for its ability to aid with an upset stomach and other digestion-related issues. It’s also known to alleviate hypertension, fatigue, depression, and stress.
  6. Fennel is another herb known to help alleviate worried and anxious feelings as well as uneasiness.
  7. Rhodiola Root is known to protect the body from chemical, environmental, and even physical stress.
  8. The Schisandra plant produces fruit that is known to have adaptogenic properties to help the body protect itself against anxiety.


Which Herbs are Right for You?

As you can see, whether you call it stress or anxiety, you have many alternatives to prescription drugs. In fact, you may have even walked right past them on the shelf at Whole Foods. Why deal with high copays and harmful side effects if you don’t have to?

Thanks to the long history of herbal extracts, there are many options you can explore. Often, it’s best to combine them and create custom formulas. To find the extract that best suits your needs, contact JBK Wellness Labs today!

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