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5 Tips on How To Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer to Handle your Case

by Donny Stock

Filing for divorce is a difficult decision that some couples have to make. First marriages that end within the first five years account for over 20% of divorce cases. Children and marital assets complicate the process further – without proper legal advice, it only gets worse. Here is where choosing the best divorce lawyer to handle your case comes into play. The right legal representation helps to ensure that you get all your payments in full. A divorce attorney comes in handy if you aren’t too familiar with family courts or matrimonial law. A divorce attorney also helps with dealing with the paperwork that the situation demands. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing the best divorce lawyer

  • Look for an Attorney Who is Familiar with Family Law: 
    Ensure that you hire a lawyer who has extensive experience in divorce cases. It is preferred to work with lawyers who deal with divorce regularly instead of using a lawyer friend who doesn’t practice family law. You could go by the recommendation of people who have worked with a particular divorce lawyer – the best choice would be someone who specialized in divorce and custody matters. 
  • Affordability:
    Another factor that you need to take into account is affordability. You need to choose legal services that you can comfortably afford. There is no point in hiring a high-end lawyer if you’re someone who lives from paycheck to paycheck. The key is to strike a balance between legal services you need and can afford.
  • Do your Research:
    Hiring just about any divorce attorney you come across might not be the best idea. Ensure that you invest time in researching the best lawyers in your area. Referrals from people who have gone through a divorce lately can be helpful. The internet, too, provides plenty of options and referrals with some platforms offering reviews, ratings, and free referral services. 
  • Selection based on Process:
    A divorce can take on different routes that include collaborative divorce, mediation, litigation, and cooperative divorce. Once you settle on a particular one, choose an experienced lawyer in that field. While some couples can be in mutual agreement, others dispute almost every issue. If there is a conflict, you must seek the service of a lawyer who is skilled in negotiation and litigation. A collaborative divorce, on the other hand, where both parties agree requires a lawyer who is conversant with collaborative law. 
  • Choose Someone you can Trust:
    Divorce processes involve revealing sensitive information to your lawyer – you need to disclose everything your spouse can use against you. Choosing a lawyer who you are comfortable opening up to is essential. The right attorney will be able to provide objective advice while maintaining an empathetic approach. 

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