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5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Wipes

by Donny Stock

A healthy life is a happy life, and one crucial way to remain healthy is by getting rid of germs because they are everywhere we go. You can find them on the surfaces we touch and sometimes on the beds we lie on. The only way to get rid of germs is by effectively disinfecting our homes and surroundings. You’ll be surprised by how much dirt and germs are on the surfaces we touch. In the wake of COVID-19, cleaning and disinfecting (properly) is a priority. 

Antibacterial wipes are household items that help clean dirty surfaces. They help you get rid of dirt, dust, grime, and impurities. It’s advisable to use alcohol-based antibacterial wipes when disinfecting your home. The Center for Disease Control recommends using an alcohol solution with at least 60% alcohol when sanitizing your home. That said, here are five reasons why you should use alcohol-based antibacterial wipes: 

They Kill Germs Better

Antibacterial wipes containing alcohol can reduce germs and dirt on a surface in 30minutes to 10seconds. It is the easiest way of eliminating germs. The alcohol used in making these wipes can either be ethanol or isopropyl alcohol; both are quite effective. With an alcohol-based antibacterial wipe, you can eliminate impurities on surfaces conveniently. 

It Dries up Quickly

Alcohol-based antibacterial wipes contain components that make surfaces dry quickly. You can agree that it’s quite annoying coming back to clean a second time because of the wet smudges left on your surface when the disinfectant dries up slowly. But with alcohol-based antibacterial wipes, this problem is completely avoided because the alcohol in them makes them dry up quickly. 

They are Non-abrasive 

You can easily use alcohol-based wipes without damaging the infected surface. They are usually non-abrasive. So, you’re free to use them on non-porous and hard substances such as stainless steel. 

They Save Time

Cleaning is already annoying on its own; nobody would want to spend any extra time cleaning an item. With two to three swipes, you are good to go. Compared to other disinfectants such as soap and water, antibacterial wipes save a lot of time. With one alcohol-based wipe, you can effortlessly wipe clean multiple household gadgets and surfaces. They are much more efficient, unlike the towel-bucket method. 

It Is Cost-Effective 

Alcohol-based wipes are their money’s worth. They get the job done quicker and better than other disinfectants, And with just a packet of antibacterial wipes, you can eliminate impurities from multiple surface areas. 

Note: Alcohol-based antibacterial wipes are in no way skin-friendly and should only be used on dirty surfaces. 

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