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5 Differences after Spray Tanning Care

by Donny Stock

Achieving a perfect full body spray tanning includes several things such as choosing the right spray tan, using the right technique, and preparing for the spray tan service. It is important to know what to do before you go to a tan and what to do after you get a tan so that you can maintain it. 

Here are some of the things to keep in mind before going for a spray tanning service. 

What not to do

Avoid shaving before a spray tan service. Make sure that you shave the night before if you are doing it in the morning or if you have a night session, shave in the morning. 

Do not use deodorants and perfumes before your appointment for a spray service. This can cause uneven skin tanning. Prep sprays, as well as pH balancers, can ruin your tan too. Do not put on makeup before your session because it also acts as a barrier. 

Proper exfoliation 

The exfoliant must be oil-free. If there oil in the exfoliant, it can be a barrier that will affect your spray tan. When exfoliating, you have to start from the top and go down.  After exfoliating, do not apply anything on your skin because they will act as a barrier against the spray tan. 

Dressing for a spray tan

When going for a spray session, make sure to wear comfortable clothing and do not wear tight clothing such as socks, or skinny jeans. Wear dark clothes because the bronzer will rub off on the clothes even if it is water-based. 

Drawstrings must also be avoided because these make a mark on the skin that can leave unusual marks in your tan. Wear loose clothing to minimize rubbing on the skin. 

What are the differences after spray tanning?

There are five important things to know after full body spray tanning. 

Waiting time

You have to wait 8-12 hours for traditional tans to take its course. A rapid tan can be rinsed off faster. Leaving it on for a longer time will give you a richer tan.


For the initial rinse off, it is important to keep in mind not to use soap and shampoo. Use only water when rinsing. 

What to do after a shower

After the first shower, pat dry only. Do not rub. After this, you can now apply deodorants and perfumes, work out, and do everything normally. 


Set a time that you prefer and the solution that you have used. 

Maintaining tan 

Find the right products for your skin so that your tan can stay on for a longer time. Use a soap-free bar or a body-wash. Always keep your skin moisturized as this will also make the tan last longer. Do it after a shower. 

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