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5 Best CBD Products for 2020

by Gerua Senia

Cannabidiol oil has been gaining popularity in recent years. While the debate is ongoing on the legality of its use, more and more people are trying it out and discovering the benefits for themselves. More popularly known as CBD oil, its medical benefits have been increasing as users switch to alternative medicine, and find that without the high levels of THC, CBD oil has become way better than pharmaceutical drugs.

Over the years, scientists have come up with different forms of CBD, making its popularity even bigger as it goes beyond the plain and boring sublingual oil. In case you haven’t tried anything other than the oil yet, here’s a list of the 5 best CBD products for 2020:

  1. Gummies – Let’s face it, who can resist a yummy gummy bear or worm? Make it a CBD gummy, and the product will fly off the shelves. They turned vitamins into gummy candy, now CBD oil comes in the same form, too. Now anyone with a prescription can take a dose of medicine with a spoonful of sugar and be very comfortable with it. No judging glances or stares from passengers if you’re inside a train or a supermarket. For those who take it for anxiety, it will surely help when you’re popping a pill inconspicuously and get the relief you are searching for. The gummy variety also comes in different flavors and formulations, depending on your prescription and preferences.
  2. Pills/capsules – This one looks a little more like your usual medicine, and is good for those who are trying to control their blood sugar levels or do not have a sweet tooth. Pop one in the morning with your coffee or at night before bedtime, or anytime in between, without worrying about the sugar. Also inconspicuous like the gummy, but with a lesser risk of having someone mistake your dosage for a piece of candy.
  3. Creams – Can’t swallow a capsule? Don’t like candy? CBD oil now comes in cream form and you can apply directly where you need it. CBD pain gels or muscle rubs are a better alternative to the usual muscle rubs we grew up with, mainly because of the lower chemical content. Also, there is no risk of getting an overdose since it is not ingested at all, and is also very handy. Drop inside your bag and apply directly to the affected area and feel the relief, whenever, wherever.
  4. Transdermal patches – Much like a pain gel or muscle rub, but lasts longer and is absorbed by the skin faster. Also, they can come in other forms like a sleep patch or a hangover patch. Works like the usual nicotine patch, and is inconspicuous – no one can even tell if you are wearing one. While technically not transdermal, another innovation for CBD is the face mask which helps treat skin problems like acne, eczema, or other inflammations. They can be infused with other herbs like lavender or aloe and help calm the skin. Since skincare is always in, the face mask is worth a try.
  5. High strain CBD – While innovation is always welcome, there will always be purists who prefer the real deal, straight up. Of course, the legal battle still exists, but in areas where medical CBD is legal, some people still prefer the actual buds and flowers, whether to smoke it the traditional way, or to vape it.

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